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Waste Rubber Recycle Management

    Currently urban India is facing a massive rubber waste disposal. Rubber waste, when untreated, leads to various environmental concerns and wastage of natural resources which stresses the need to recycle rubber. Apart from environmental benefits recycling waste rubber also has tremendous potential of generating wealth.There is no Indian policy document which examines waste as part of a cycle of production-consumption-recovery or perceives waste through a prism of overall sustainability and hence waste rubber recycling has been neglected.
    The technology adopts the pyrolysis catalytic reforming approach to convert waste tyres / rubber into sell-able products that include various grades of finely milled carbon char, furnace oil, pyrolysis gas and high quality tensile steel. This technology will decompose the waste tyres to molecular gas and oil by indirect high temperature heating, and then condense the oil and accumulate steel and carbon, everything sale-able in commodity markets. Billions of wastages are available in all over the world. We can’t burn or landfills those tyres due to pollution problems. There is no other use of these waste tyres. This will enable extremely profitable conversion of waste tyres and industrial waste into valuable recovered materials (Steel & Carbon black) and energy (gas & oil). The process can be optimized for carbon and oil requirements of various customers.
Waste Rubber Recycle Management

     Waste Tire Recycling Machine

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