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Waste Tire Pyrolysis 10-Ton Security Oriented

Service Range: The green refining machine on the picture is designed as Waste Tire Pyrolysis 10-Ton . According to the name, it is good at extracting scrap tires into several kinds of precious substances under a certain technical circumstance. It is able to contain 10-15 tons of waste tires, the maximum capacity is 15 tons of deformed tires, and it runs about 23hours without stop in one day with about 4 people watching.      The valuable outputs: largest amount of tire crude oil, carbon black, and steel wire. Each of them is well salable.  

Technical details: It is made of more than one thousand of precise components, some are large, and others tiny. And the automatic welding technology is among the most advanced ones.   
Certificates: Among the large units, most are patented products.What is more, it is qualified with BV, CE, and ISO report, proving her safety and quality guarantees. Safety and quality issues are always the most concern of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd.         
Security Oriented: In the meantime, it is well accepted with a number of advantages, and here only one point is emphasized. Secure: there are at least three big safety facilities built in, and each of them is connected with the reactor and cooling system in different positions of the whole set respectively, to prevent inflammable syngas running back to the reactor causing horrible explosion; in addition, several safety valves and alarms are working together to keep the reactor running under normal pressure in case the workers left the running site unexpectedly. And it is updated with no weak and thin corrugated pipe between the reactor and the catalyst chamber, hence there is no explosion risk.  
Market for outputs: the markets for the above outputs are not hard to search, actually very broad. First, the fuel oil from waste tires can be sold to manufacturers such as aluminum factory, cement factory, power plant, glass factory, boiler factory, ceramic factory and so forth. Second, tire carbon black can be processed to make rubber or other chemical stuff in a unique formula with good price. And the steel wire is also recyclable.
Note: the methods of discharging carbon black have been improved, thus the related work will be more efficient. 




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