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White Pollution Killer Made by Huayin: waste plastic to oil machine

The so-called "white pollution" means the environmental pollution caused by discarded agricultural films, plastic packaging, plastic film, plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware (collectively speaking, plastic packaging). Because waste plastic packaging is mostly white, so is commonly called "white pollution."   

Abandoned plastic packaging waste in the environment, not only affects the city and the natural landscape as a "visual pollution", but also creates a potential hazard for the ecological environment, such as: pollutes in the soil, affects the crops absorb nutrients and moisture and the production; exudation of plastics and additives can cause groundwater contamination;  municipal waste incineration will produce harmful gases, air pollution, and damage to human health; and landfill will occupy land for a long time.  
Pyrolysis plant created by Huayin is good at refining waste plastic products to quality bio-oil, in other words our machine is a wonderful “plastic pollution killer”.  

Because according to some basic investigation and technical test, most of our daily used plastic bags are made by PE, some are even HDPE, which is a very good raw material with high oil rate. 
Therefore if you are concerning about your domestic environment and looking for a chance to do such kind of green business, or start a renewable energy project, Huayin will do her best to help you out.


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