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Why No Corrugated Pipe for pyrolysis oil machine

Corrugated pipe is a kind of thin, soft, and stingy pipe usually employed in construction industry and some heavy machinery, to connect two important and large components to serve the entire running plant together. Many engineers who set foot in huge machines must have some knowledge of it. Normally it is working between two large movable or quiet parts, and its lifespan is up to the machine it serves. As for pyrolysis oil machine waste tires/plastic/rubber to fuel oil and carbon black, some of the companies make pyrolysis equipment with corrugated pipe, and let us see whether it is suitable for the giant refining plant. 

Universally, the life span of corrugated pipe is 10,000 times or even 100,000 times when it is working in a static situation under constant load and pressure.For as we all know, the stringiness and softness make it serve long under still circumstance. However, it is thin and easily broken or ruptured in unstable conditions naturally, such as shaking and vibration. It is conceivable that every time the parts it links shake or vibrate, the weak pipe will be shocked, and the grain of the pipe is harmed. As in the mentioned unstable condition, corrugated pipe only works for 100 to more than 1000 times. 
What is more, corrugated pipe being used for pyrolysis machines in refining field is like a built-in atomic bomb. The main engine of the whole plant is known as reactor, it runs throughout the whole process, and rollers are employed here to uphold the reactor. The reactor will be worn and then run unstably after long time heating, if the rollers are located under the body of reactor. Therefore, corrugated pipe has to be built here and connected with next part near the reactor. 

Just as mentioned before, the soft and stringy pipe works only for 100 to more than 1000 times. Besides, normally one batch refining shakes and vibrates the pipe about 400 times, it can be speculated that, after several batches refining, the pipe is close to break or rupture. Once the pipe breaks while the reactor is running, oil and gas leaking or even fire and explosion will occur. That will be too late to seal everything. 
However, the corrugated pipe is not used in pyrolysis oil machine produced by Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd, because the location of rollers are differently designed, hence no shaking or vibration, then the pipe is not valuable for Huayin design. Without corrugated pipe, the reactor runs steadily and safely, for there is no possibility of leaking or breaking. Choosing Huayin is choosing security. 


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