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Waste tire oil refining equipment, oil refining method wide range of popular


    A wide range of waste tire refining equipment refining methods popularity, but the use of undue impact on the environment caused by pollution, it is recommended that the user choose our plant environmentally friendly refinery equipment from the environmental aspects to consider;
    According to Secretary-General Fan Rende, the waste tire indigenous oil refining in the production process will produce a large number of toxic and hazardous smoke, gases, serious air pollution, waste, waste oil generated in the production process will be severely contaminated soil, contaminated soil can not even resumption of farming, grass grows. Homemade refining oil refining hierarchical refining oil produced mostly oil mixture, poor oil quality is a tremendous waste of resources. In recent years, China's annual imports of natural rubber in the more than 1.2 million tons of synthetic rubber also 60 million tons. Through the use of waste rubber manufacturing reclaimed rubber, could play the role of savings rubber According to the waste rubber comprehensive utilization Branch of China Rubber Industry Association statistics, the scrap rubber indigenous refining waste of discarded tires resources has reached about 40 million tons per year . At the same time, due to the lack of raw materials, some of our regular waste tire recycling enterprises are seriously underemployed, and some companies have even been forced to stop and turn off. It is reported that, although the state at the end of 2004, provides for the indigenous refining arsenic, mercury, oil refining, refining enterprises by the local people's governments at or above the county level shall order it off or discontinued, but it did not include scrap rubber homemade refining of therefore not be able to be destroyed by using waste tires homemade refining dens. Fan Rende Secretary-General said, cut off from the source of these indigenous oil refining enterprises or dens to get discarded tires channels, in addition to the various local government departments should attach great importance to the need for the state as soon as possible "waste tire recycling regulations and other relevant laws and regulations so China's waste tire recycling laws to go.
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