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waste tyre refining machine


    Waste tyres oil refining equipment process is a pyrolysis oil refining equipment for the core layout. Waste tyre refining machine equipment around the tyre decomposition of the cutting unit in the refinery equipment layout, waste tires after the pre-treatment with minimal and reasonable transport distance, the supply to the automatic feeder. Automatic feeder at a faster rate, to be filled with raw materials put into oil refining equipment. Automatic feeding machine to finish the job to move to another refinery next to the device or move to a predetermined standby position. Completion of loading of raw materials and feed inlet closed to clean up after, began to spin and ignition heating. When the temperature rose to 130 degrees after a small amount of gasoline, diesel, methane, butane and other mixed oil and gas, there are a large number of oil and gas out when the temperature rose to 300 degrees, the pyrolysis complete 400 degrees. Cease-fire, cooling, slag, the residue after the close the slag door. Can open the feed inlet temperature drops below 100 degrees, pull out the wire, and then start loading, the next round of oil refining.
    Slag from the slag door to carbon black transferred, transported to the grinding machine for grinding fine processing.
    Waste tires oil refining equipment output liquid oil through the oil-water separator, condenser cooling, the liquid oil and gas separation, liquid oil flow into the tank to recycle the gas by the closure of firearms, and then add the furnace combustion, save a lot of coal resources, eliminating the need for a lot of money.

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