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waste tyre pyrolysis machine


    As using the plastic products widely in China, waste plastic is also increasing, which has caused serious "white pollution" and has increasingly become a real headache environmental problem for the government.
    According to the statistics recorded by State Environmental Protection Administration and Ministry of Agriculture, only the disposable plastic lunch box and various products and foam packing has reached 50 millions tons, the agricultural films 8 millions tons, if add other scrap plastics, waste tyre pyrolysis machinethe total waste plastics can reach over one hundred million tons each year. However, the recycling rate is less than 20% in China. The waste plastics has caused seriously pollution to our environment, it can not be completely decompose even after 200 years if to bury them, waste tyre pyrolysis machine and contaminate ground water, destroy the soil structure, in the serious pollution region the crop will be lost over 30%.

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