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Top quality, high safety waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Huayin renewable energy equipment CO., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, this plant is used for waste tire recycling, instead landfill or burning, waste tyre pyrolysis plant could turn waste tires into crude oil, final products also include carbon black, steel wire and exhaust gas. Waste tyre pyrolysis plant is a good solution of waste tire management. It can recycles waste tires without pollution, and high oil yield can ensure you great economic benefits.

Top quality, high safety waste tyre pyrolysis plant  

Parameters of waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

Six sizes of waste tyre pyrolysis plant
(diameter*length) (mm)
Boiler plate Q245R/Q345R/S310
Thickness 16/18mm
Condensers Vertical condenser
Horizontal condenser
Product series 4th generation
5th generation
Slagging system Bucket elevator
Carbon black vacuum
Final product
(take tires for example)
oil 45-50%
Carbon black 25-30%
Steel wire 10-15%
gas 5%
Total weight 30-35T
Total power 19kw
Space needed 150m2
Labor needed 4 workers

Top quality, high safety waste tyre pyrolysis plant  

Advantages for safety:

When feeding, we need to rotate the boiler taking advantage of built-in spiral plates to full up the reactor and make full use of the space. In this case, the oil outlet pipe maybe blocked.  

1).anti-clogging net

In order to avoid this problem, We set one anti-clogging net inside it.  

2). Pressure gauges, alarms, and safety valves

2.1) Even there is blocking causing high pressure inside the reactor (this situation easily cause explosion), alarm will ring to call worker to adjust the condition.
2.2) If there is no answer from workers, no need to worry, we also have pressure reducing valve which can automatically reduce the pressure .
Every case we have taken into attention to avoid any dangerous condition. Just keep danger strangled in the cradle.  

3). Vacuum Device

Especially continuous feeding of waste plastic and also heating, there maybe odorous gas going out from the reactor. How to avoid? Vacuum Device helps! Before heating the reactor and the temperature inside below 100 Celsius degrees, open this device, vacuum state easily sunk these bad smell to its space.Convenient and easily operated.  

4). Anti-back fire device:

This is a safety device, recycling residual goes to furnace as fuel, water sealing design prevent tempering, more secure

Output information:

NO. End products Productivity       Usage
1 Pyrolysis oil 45% A. Sell directly.
B. Turn to diesel and gasoline by oil distillation machine.
C. Fuel materials.
2 Carbon black 30% A. Sell directly.
B. Reprocessing to fine carbon by carbon black refining machine.
3 Steel wire(for waste tire) 15% A. Sell directly.
B. Deep processing to steel bloom by hydraulic press-packing. 
4 Flammable oil gas 10% A. Fuel burn by use gas burn system(pyrolysis machine included)
B. Flammable gas can be storage as fuel material for heating.


Profit analysis:

(here we take 10 ton waste tyre pyrolysis plant as example)  


Raw material cost:  ___  USD / TON×10Ton= ___  USD
Fuel material cost:  ___   USD / KG× ___ KG=  ___  USD
(Here you could have four different choices: 5000 kilocalorie Coal—500kg, Fuel oil—170-200kg, Natural gas—270-300cubic, Wood—700-800kg)
Powder consumption: Average 10KW/h___USD/KW×20hours= ___ USD
Worker’s salary: ___  USD/Day×4Persons=   ___  USD  


Oil Profit: ___ USD/Ton×4.5Ton=  ___ USD
Carbon black: ___ USD/Ton×3Ton= ___ USD
Steel wire: ___ USD/Ton×1.5Ton= ___ USD  

Gross Profit:

Total profit   ___ USD - Total cost  ___ USD= ___  USD
Note:You can calculate profit according to local situation. Generally speaking, you could recover your cost in 4 to 5 months, one year later, you will become very rich.

Top quality, high safety waste tyre pyrolysis plant
HUAYIN customers:
Top quality, high safety waste tyre pyrolysis plant
CNC machinery:

Top quality, high safety waste tyre pyrolysis plant  
Adopt top quality material, we can ensure you the high quality of our waste tyre pyrolysis plant. With latest technology and special design, our products are high safety, no pollution, energy saving and high profit. HUAYIN is the best choice for you. Welcome your inquiry and visiting.

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