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Advantages of 4th generation pyrolysis plant
  Huayin 4th generation pyrolysis plant is the upgrade and consolidation of all products before. The design of the feeding door and cooling system are major breakthrough, it is invented by Huayin president Mr.Guo.
  1. Reactor: First, the reactor has two circular feeding doors, the smaller one is used to feeding waste plastics, the bigger one is used to feeding waste tyres(whole tyre). It can coordinate our auto feeder device. Using this device can help you same time and make your work more efficiency. After one batch, you can feed another batch material directly. Second, the reactor has been packaged in, it will be much more energy saving.
  2. Gear: you can see, the gear, it is not welding on the reactor, it can take down and easy maintenance.
  3. Cooling system: First, it is the cooling pipes, it is used to cooling down the crude heavy oil. Second, our system have two vertical condensers. Ever vertical condensers contains 57 pipes, it is used to partly cooling
  down some light oil. The third is the last vertical condenser, it is connected with the second oil tank, to re-cooling the gas that can not be liquefied. After these three stages, the oil yield can be guaranteed.
  4. Low price: We are manufacturers and suppliers of pyrolysis plant, the factory is located in the suburbs, so the cost is relatively low, customers can buy cheap and fine products surely.
  5. Mature technology: The fourth generation pyrolysis equipment adopts advanced technique and have been sold to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
  6. Environmental friendly: The 4th generation pyrolysis plant applies to countries which don't have high environmental requirements.

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