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1. Does waste plastics or tires to oil refining business profitable? 

A: I am working in oil refining for many years, between the spring of 2003 and the outbreak of the financial crisis of 2008 is the better efficiency time, during which the international oil price has been rising, domestic oil price reduction. Business has been very good to do. Now we are all in the crisis, oil price will be up until the next financial crisis. The oil price could not drop significantly in this period, which country will sell their “black gold” in a cheaper price. According to the above trends, each investor should consider their own conditions carefully. First, whether you have rich raw material or not. Second, whether it suits to invest at you location or not. Third, whether you have sales or not. We would like to give advice to you. You are welcome to call us and visit us.

2. How many countries you machine have been exported and installed?

Our machine have been exported and installed in more than 70 countries include India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, Slovakia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Spain, Jordan, Poland, Czech, Ecuador and Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Ethiopia and South Africa, etc.

3. What is the oil yield of waste plastic and waste tires? 

A: Different plastic waste have different oil yield rate. Most of our customers use scraps offcut from recycled paper plant.

Approx oil yield rate of different raw material
Leftovers of paperWet 15-20%, dry 60%
House garbage35-50%
Plastic cable80%
Plastic bag50%
Submarine cable75%
Rubber cable35%
PVCNot suitable
PETNot suitable

4. What is the oil rate of waste lubricating oil/used engine oil and pyrolysis oil refining?

 A: In the case of free water, usually not less than 85%.

5. Are your equipment permitted in our local? Do you have complete procedures? Shall we do it with your procedures in our local?

A: Those customers who want to achieve greatness are concerned about this issue. The government supports renewable energy industrial, but not small oil refinery plant definitely as causing secondary pollution. We are approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the EPA. With regular business license of legal manufacturers. Only qualified and legal equipment are possible for you getting legal procedures in the local. We would like to do the feasibility study report, provide our legal procedures and help you get procedures in the local finally.

6. What are the advantages of your equipment?

A: (1) Security: Our equipment have anti-blocking device, also have pressure gauges, alarms, safety valves and vacuum equipment. Normal operation are going on under negative pressure or ordinary pressure. In case of congestion, there will be pressure that arouses alarm, if no response from workers, safety valves will decompress pressure automatically. The device guarantee no accidents. Workers shall operate normally and check pressure gauges, alarm and safety valve pipe flow regular. To ensure safety operate normally and check pressure gauges, alarm and safety valve pipe flow regular. To ensure safety operate normally and check pressure gauges, alarm and safety valve pipe flow regular. To ensure safety in production, the shift workers are not free to their posts.
(2) Environmental protection: environmental protection include four parts, water, slag, gas, sound.    
① Water includes two parts. First, condensing water can be recycled, water release is that pour into. No pollution, only a little high temperature.    
② Slag is by-product that can make carbon black, pastes and industry or agriculture coal after adding chemicals.    
③ Gas includes two parts: First, exhaust (composition is methane, ethane, propane, butane) and hydrogen produced in the refining process are burned in burning furnace through the exhaust gas recovery system; second, smoke dust generated from burning coal or exhaust smoke meet the emission standards of national requirements after the dust treatment of dust catcher. No odor let out during operation.    
④ Noise: Noise emissions are below the national standard.   
(3) Energy conservation: recycling of exhaust gas and science fire channel design can save energy and thereby reducing costs.     
(4) Long life: hot-blast stove is long life, but not energy-saving, its consumption of energy is much greater than the repair costs of furnace. Direct fired reactor is energy-saving but short life. It is a contradiction. We resolved this conflict by thickening steel plate reactor of fire approach part which oxidized extremely, so we generally use the 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm thickness of steel plate, or 12mm stainless steel plate, other slow oxidation parts use 12mm thickness plate(20G), not only energy but long life.     
(5) High degree of automation: the advanced device, with a small forklift, conveyor and automatic feeding machine. Equipment can feed, slagging, alarm, decompress, adjust negative pressure and exhaust recycling, the whole process is automatic.     
(6) Mature technology: Oil refining is a special industry (high-profit and high-risk), technology is the key, we are engaged in oil refining for many years and have rich experiences to ensure safety and oil yield as well as recovery.     
(7) Guarantee with after sales service: we has Christian background, love is the heart of our culture. Selling devices not for selling only, but to help you approach to success. Quality and service is our commitment and responsibility. Your success is our aim. we have a good reputation in the industry.     
(8) Low cost: all costs are low because of being located at the suburbs. Advanced and complete processing equipment, almost no external processing and customer interests oriented business philosophy, it's no doubt that the price is low.

7. Do you have waste oil refinery equipment? 

A: Yes, there are vertical and horizontal; automatic continuous, semi-automatic and economical batch production; Considering heating ways, there are electric heating, coal, oil, gas, and straw etc. Considering yield, there are equipment from l ton to 100 tons Considering price, there are equipment from tens of thousands to tens of millions.

8. Do you have decolor and deodor processing technology for oil?

A: Yes, there are different formulations and equipment for different oils. We provide materials, equipment and technology transfer perennially.

9. After buying your equipment, will you provide technical workers in long-term?

A: Yes, with experience in refining for more than ten years, we have trained a lot of mature refining staff, It is no problem that long-term or short-term services. they are paid 80 to 100 USD per day. You can also adopt type of contract. The processing charge is from 44 to 59 USD per ton. You are responsible for worker's accommodation and round-trip expenses.

10. Does your equipment have patented ?

A: Yes, we are engaged in refining and manufacturing equipment for many years, with several research departments and universities and our own experts and technical team, we have strength and ability to develop the new items. we have seven technological inventions and utility models, all key processes have been patented. Enterprises fully owns its own IP.

11. How to buy equipment from your company?

A: You can know products through our website, then we send brochure to you. If interested in our products, you can visit our company and select the appropriate equipment, after signing the contract, we begin to process the equipment.

12. Can we visit your customers in our local place?

A: Yes, you should call us in advance, then we negotiate with the user to see whether they are in production, whether they are willing to hosting you. However, we suggest you to visit our company, because the advanced technology and equipment are here, and there are oil refining plant which can be looked around. Further more, our technologist explain to you in detail, you will gain more.

13. What is your corporate culture?

A: Our corporate culture reflect a word that is "Love." Our company is full of love and harmony everywhere. He can make a career with love. love can also help our customers.

14. How can we go to your company?

A: Our company is located in an Industrial zone of Kangcun, north of the Yellow River, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway line, (Kangcun Xinxiang City), 40 km from the provincial capital Zhengzhou, 20km from the city of Xinxiang, behind the old State Road 107 ( Provincial Highway 255 now), back to Jing-Guang railway, If you fly to Zhengzhou, or take a car to Xinxiang, we will pick up you anytime.

15. How can I sell the tyre pyrolysis oil and plastic oil?

A: The good sales, because oil is an energy, hotels, restaurants, bath center, diesel stoves, boilers, mostly using this oil as fuel, other power plants, ceramic plants and many other enterprises to use more of this fuel. In addition, this oil through the oil processing and reconciling national standard can be directly used as fuel engine. Buy our equipment, users share a large network, this network has sold buy. And we recall the vario us oil companies for years, especially crude oil.

Any more questions, please feel free to contact us!

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