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Get high-quality oil from waste oil purification machine with color and smell removal system

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The petroleum industry is the pillar industry of the national economy and the oil energy has always been known as the blood of the national economy and humans’daily life. However, with the world economy development, energy crisis becomes more and more serious. Looking for new energy way has been on the agenda in many countries. Huayin waste oil purification machine  mainly include waste tyre and scrap rubber, plastic pyrolysis plants, crude fuel oil, waste engine oil, used motor oil distillation equipment, waste oil purification system. After a series of decolorization and deodorant process, the oil quality will be highly improved which can take place of diesel and be used in vehicles directly.

3 Continuous process

  The first step is pyrolysis process, this period use tyre/plasitc recycling plant convert waste into pyrolysis oil or crude fuel oil, the whole set needs 400 square meters.
  The second link is called distillaiton plant, it process the pyrolysis oil from first link into diesel and gasoline, this link needs 400 meters too.
  The last link is oil purification system with oil decoloring and deodorant function, the finla product can be used directly in vehicles with high market value.All these three links need about 1000 squares meters together

Let’s see the working flow chart of waste oil purification machine

  Oil decoloring and deodorant machine: Purification of oil put into the tank– adding additives A– stir– precipitation– slagging– adding additives B– stir– precipitation– slagging– finished


Advantages of waste oil purification machine

    a. To refine valuable and profitable products and energy from the wastes.    
    b. The whole working process using high technology solutions with 100% safety device.    
    c. To decrease and eliminate the wastes of scrap tires in landfills.    
    d. Helps to meet the country’s recycling policies and projects.    
    e. Create more jod opportunities for people.

Safety Feature

Specific operating tech to deal with all the bug during the production.
a. 100% Avoid burn technology
b. Explosion-proof technology for 100%
c. The third generation of heating method
2.Hydroseal and Vacuum system will prevent exhaust gas from going back to condensers and reactor. Thus, unnecessary accident can be avoided.
3.Thermometer,Alarm, pressure gauge and safety valve.
4.Combustible gas can be purified in hydroseal before being burnt which prevents the dangers that exhaust gas (C1-C4 ) may cause.


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  Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing waste oil purification machine for nearly 20 years, we have certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and nine patents for our equipment. Join us ,believe your choose, let us create wealth.

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