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Waste Management of Waste plastic to oil machine
Waste tyre to oil recycling machine manufactured by Huayin company is also suitable for waste plastic recycling, just seperate the waste tyre and waste plastic, if the first batch for waste tyre recycling, after finish the processing, just feed waste palstics for the second machine, one set of machine is enough for two kinds of raw material.Since many people are familiar forn waste tyre recycling, this passage mainly introduce the Waste plastic to oil machine operation.

Basic infromation about Waste plastic to oil machine:

Heating material: coal/wood/fuel oil/natural gas, any one of them can be used as heating material.
Machine cover area: usually 400 square meters
Reactor material: Q345R Boiler plate


Waste plastic to oil machine operation process:

1. Loading waste plastic is so different with the loading waste tires. Loading tires 10 tons one time can fully inside the reactor. But loading waste plastic is continuous, as the plastic melt so fast so we need load 4-5 times to load the reactor then can load fully for 12 tons. Loading while the reactor working. If the plastic is not wet, then it can finish loading needs 7 hours, if the plastic is not dry, then it needs 4 hours to finish loading. Why, because if the plastic is wet,when pyrolysis first the water become water vapor to come out then plastic begin to melt. That is why wet plastic need longer times. So the reactor first time like the dryer first dry the plastic then pyrolysis. Hope you understand this point. 
2. After loading fully, if the plastic is not wet, after 6-8 hours the plastic oil gas come out, then the oil gas coming out will last 18-20 hours. That is mean after 18-20 hours the oil gas ran out. 
During the heating period, the oil gas temperature(there is an thermal couple to test the oil gas temperature) need to control 270-300 Celsius degree, which is the best temperature. But if the lower temperature(lower than 270) u control the oil quality will be better,but it needs longer times(longer than 18-20 hours). If u did not required high oil quality then u can use the high temperature (higher than 300) this will be fast( shorter than 18-20 hours). 
3. At same time,there are some gas(CH4, C2H6, C3H8, C4H10 and H2) can not be cooled under normal pressure,they will be recycled back to combustion system to burn as energy.
4. After the oil gas running out then 2 hours cooling we can discharging the carbon black. 
5. after this then you can begin the next batch, no need to wait for the reactor become cool as we use machine loading the waste plastic. 

End Products usage:

Crude oil: Oil from this machine can be used as industrial fuel for burning. 
Carbon black: First,Carbon black from this machine is crude. You can sell it to the brick factory as internal combustion.

Safety is the most important factor:

The Waste plastic to oil machine was equipped with anti-clogging device, pressure gages, alarming system, safety valves, negative pressure device (vacuum device) and oil-water separator. 
Usually our machine is working under normal or negative pressure. In case of congestion, cause pressure, alarming system will ring, if no response from workers, safety valve could release pressure automatically.
Negative pressure device could make sure our machine working under negative pressure, more safety.
Oil-water separator could avoid oil gas go back to reactor, cause explosion.

Welcome to visit running waste plastic to oil machine:
We have been in this field 20 years until now. 
Have three factories, one is working plant factory, one is manufacture factory, one is old factory where our boss ever use it make oil refining. 

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