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Special waste plastic oil refining technology

    Special waste plastic oil refining technology
    1. The sources of raw materials, with the advent of the information age, communication cause rapid development, causes the supporting of the desired material ---- communication cable is undergoing profound changes. In application, a telephone cable, submarine cable and television common antenna CATV, cable structure of insulating material and sheath material for cable, sheathing material not only, also used for optical fiber cable. All polyethylene manufacturers have developed new varieties, instead of a variety of products, the original communication cable is forced to replace. These products how to deal with?
    2.1made of plastic particles processing approaches, some plastics cannot be made into particles such as cable sheathing, and how to do? 2oil refineries, like a submarine cable oil refining, but refining technology is more complex, generally require cracking, distillation, to reconcile into fuel oil. There is no good way?
    3. Special waste plastic oil refining like a submarine cable with conventional cracking method can refining, using special catalyst can be one-step method for producing fuel oil. But for part of telecommunication cable and light package conventional pyrolysis method cannot split fuel oil. 2have been perhaps doing now, the telecommunication cable according to the conventional method of cracking, to make the products are: very turbid liquid, found in production: pipe wall very quickly by white waxy material viscoelastic wall plug, causing a safety hazard, does the reason where? 3 but you don't know you gave a very advanced fuel oil, the oil flash point, high cetane number sixteen. Can V engine with diesel finished, what you see is a mixture, the cable according to the conventional production, but must use special effects to production catalyst.

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