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Oil refining machine safety issue


    The production process of oil refining machine are generally at a certain temperature and pressure conditions, even at high temperature, high-pressure conditions, so its production process, there are some security issues. In addition, oil refining equipment, raw materials, products and the use of catalysts, additives, and most material, and all belong to the flammable and explosive, toxic, corrosive substances, so the possibility of occurrence of security problems.
    Therefore, the requirements of the various components of the oil refining equipment must be in strict compliance. Because the only way to effectively prevent the occurrence of security issues. Moreover, if the oil refining equipment safety issues, will easily lead to a chain reaction, causing more damage, so the standard of its various parts is even more important.
    Compliance standards of the various components of the oil refining equipment to meet certain technical requirements, that is to meet the technical parameters required. Oil refining equipment, fluid transfer equipment, response equipment, mass transfer equipment, heat transfer equipment and other components, for example: in order compliance, it is necessary to make it meet the appropriate technical parameters, is to meet the oil refining equipment, fluid transfer equipment fluid, reaction temperature, pressure, concentration, reaction rate and reaction rate, mass transfer equipment, separation, processing capacity, heat transfer equipment, heat exchange, and other technical parameters of the request.
    Only in strict accordance with the process of oil refining equipment service needs, so that all components meet the requirements of the specific technical parameters in order to fully and effectively prevent the occurrence of security issues.

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