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Plastic recycling machine precipitator trouble shooting


    The plastic recycling machine, dust collector often there will be a failure? These failures And how to repair it?
    Failure one, plastic recycling machine precipitator scraper scraper deviation deformation scraper chain broke.
    Repair methods one, scraper rail deformation lead to the chain guide stuck, leaving the the scraper deformation or chain broke. Empty sedimentation tanks stagnant water, check whether the rail, and timely maintenance.
    Repair methods two, scraper driving wheel mounting bolts loose, resulting in a driving wheel and heavy wheel heart, resulting in chain deviation, so that the scraper rubs up against the edge of the rail, resulting in the scraper deformation, chain breakage. Requirements of each class patrol the operation of the various components must carefully check the scraper is intact, the timely detection of problems and deal with.
    Failure two, plastic recycling machine, the precipitator legislation tube blockage, leading to furnace the wind enough.
    Repair methods one, chain furnace burning rice husk, rice husk dust precipitator silo fouling and clogging. Opposing cylinder on a regular basis to clean, good fan, air volume control boiler operation to minimize the dust content of flue gas which.
    Repair methods two, the burning of coal the precipitator stand tube fouling, may be the circulation pump to the water is not enough, or precipitator spray effect, resulting in the effect of dust is not good. Repair or replace the water pump, increase to the water, to increase or replace the nozzle and strengthen spray effect, reducing the dust content of flue gas.
    Repair methods three, when each shutdown to thoroughly clean up fouling, so as not to add up.
    Failure three, plastic recycling machine, dust pump noise and vibration.
    Repair methods one, check the water pump mounting bolts are loose. Necessary when fastening.
    Repair methods two, check the water pump fixed steel open welding. Necessary welder reinforcement.
    Repair methods three, check the motor and pump bearing is lubricated in place, bearing failure, bearing for wear large gap. Necessary, lubrication, replacement of bearings or bearing sets.
    Repair methods four, check the motor and pump chain coupling are concentric chain axis is connected cushion needs to be replaced. If necessary, repair or replacement.
    These are the plastic recycling machine, dust collector often failures and repair methods.

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