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Waste tire recycling equipment can effectively handle municipal waste


    According to reports, waste tire recycling equipment of approximately 2/3 of the city into the plight of garbage siege Moreover, only the annual production of municipal waste nearby 150 million tons. waste tire recycling equipment most of the municipal waste is stored in the open air, which affects not only the urban landscape, but also closely related to our life, air, water and soil pollution, and thus pose a threat to the health of urban residents, it is waste disposal has become a the thorny issue of urban development.
    waste tire recycling equipment is not only causing a public nuisance, it is a huge waste of resources. An annual output of 150 million tons per year of municipal waste, discarded "renewable resources" worth up to 250 billion! Beijing now Nissan 13,000 tons of garbage, the annual production of 4.95 million tons, and will increase the speed of 8% annually.
    waste tire recycling equipment our current method of handling garbage except open dumps, sanitary landfill. This method avoids the problem of open dumps, but the drawback is the large area of the landfill construction, and use a short time (usually 10 years or so), high cost and, more important, recyclable resources in the garbage are wasted. Then there are incineration of waste tire recycling equipment, the garbage volume can be reduced by 50% to 95%, but burned recyclable resources, and the release of toxic gases, such as dioxins, mercury in batteries steam, etc., at the same time produce toxic or harmful the slag and dust.Waste tire recycling equipment  there is compost, this approach requires people to separate organic garbage and other refuse the job, but it has good prospects for development.
    waste tire recycling equipment waste plastic into a shortage of oil resources, so it can effectively deal with urban waste.

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