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Domestic refining installations to optimize the structure to improve performance


    The latest statistics show that China, a total of 17 million-ton oil refining bases, the production capacity of the domestic oil refining equipment of more than 10 million tons of crude oil primary processing capacity accounted for nearly 50 percent of the country's total processing capacity. Dalian Petrochemical and Zhenhai Refining & Chemical two oil refineries refining can reach 2,000 tons / year. Another group of ten million-ton oil refining bases are under construction or planned. By 2010, China will form the 20 or so million-ton crude oil processing bases, aggregate processing capacity accounted for 65 percent of the country's total capacity; the average size of the oil refining enterprises reached 5.7 million tons / year. China has formed a number of large-scale integrated refining base.
    The current crude oil quality trends in the world is to change the weight became inferior, sulfur and metal content is high, processing more and more difficult. Lack of requirements of the market for light petroleum products, low-sulfur and sulfur-free clean fuel, high-quality oil and chemical raw materials, environmental protection is not reduced, but showing more and more pressing trend, higher and higher standards, so must be equipped with enough deep processing and finishing capabilities. Of China's oil refining installations in recent years has been constantly adjusted, deep processing, and finishing capabilities continue to improve. With the continuous improvement of fuel quality requirements, the proportion of China's oil refining hydrotreating capacity is also the largest increase.

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