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Huayin plastic to oil pyrolysis plant on IX expo, 2015

On May 6th, the IE expo, 2015 in Shanghai China, raised the curtain to welcome Chinese and foreign visitor to attend this glorious exhibition. For this fair, Huayin group is very honored to be invited to show our green renewable energy equipment to all exhibitors.
Today is the first day of the IE expo, our team take our 5th generation pyrolysis plant model to the exhibition, apart from this, we also supply tyre pyrolysis plant, plastic to oil solution, fuel from plastic waste machine, plastic pyrolysis plant, plastic to diesel and tyre to diesel solution. 
Let’s see some pictures send by Huayin people:

Huayin company is the first one in China put forward waste to energy solution since 1993. Nowadays, we have successfully finished the invention of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, waste plastic to oil plant, used engine oil and motor oil refining to diesel and gasoline equipment. At the same time, as to the previous troublesome problem: carbon black collect and discharge, we also find different solution for customer choose. It completely overcome the pollution problem.
Further more, different from other manufacturer or trading company, we do not only supply the plastic to oil pyrolysis plant, but also supply final products solution. For the crude oil, you can sell it directly to the heavy industry, while, you can also choose our turnkey project for power generation project as the crude oil from our machine can be used for electricity generating directly. For the carbon black, we supply briquette and color master making machine, all the final products can be turned into valuable products.

Our products have lots of certifications to make us have the rights to export our waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant overseas, such as ISO9001, CE, ISO14001. Also we have SGS oil report, it can show you what quality oil you can get.
Huayin waste to oil resources renewable energy equipment have been exported and installed in more than 30 countried include India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, Slovakia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Spain, Jordan, Poland, Czech, Ecuador and Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Greece and so on. See some customer sites pictures fro your reference:


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