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Lessons Drawn from the Training

Through all the difficulties we experienced and the challenges we conquered together during the training of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd waste to energy pyrolysis plant in February 6th to 8th, 2015, the writer would like to share some lessons we have drawn. On one hand, we were not trained for playing games or wasting time. On the other hand, we would rather live a better, more grateful and fulfilled life in the coming days. 

Above all, the most lesson we have got is from the wire mesh escaping challenge. At the very beginning when seeing the wall, almost everyone  exclaimed and was frightened, and considered it impossible to successfully go through. However, the next moments, most of the teammates started to figure out a way to pass on every single person through the little hole without touching it according to the rule. When we thought as one, and focused on our life goal as one, brilliant methods came upon. At long last, we all successfully survived by the united perseverance and kneeling prayers. After this activity, we learned that when facing difficulties, we shall focus on the goal instead of challenges themselves, then the solution will come soon. Because if we focus on the problem, it will become bigger than it should be.       
The second lesson we drew from our experience is, as staff of a responsible supplier we shall love the clients we serve with passion and pure heart in the first place before they purchase our plants. And this love is not about purpose or financial benefit, we love because we are touched by the pure and unconditional love of the Creator, then we are determined to love life and every precious soul we meet.    

In addition, we realized more clearly that the?details?determine? success or failure. Every activity we took part in was telling us we are one union, and if one makes a mistake, the whole team even the entire assembly will be affected largely. And if we do not pay attention to the slightest mistake, great loss will be caused some day in the near future. All the lessons we have drawn would influence our attitude towards life and job. 


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