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Penetrating Oil Market Analysis

The above picture was cut out from International Energy Agency’s recent Oil Market Report. 

It tells that the oil demand has been increasing until now even though there appears some low ebbs in the whole chart. A couple of weeks ago, people witnessed the lowest price of crude oil ever in history. Besides, the price was waving for some time and is still changing. As a related supplier, we are not sure what will happen tomorrow about the oil price or the response of people. Nonetheless one thing is for sure that when the oil price appears to wave and go down steeply, the response is the oil production will habitually decrease. When the oil production declines, oil demand will surely go up. Just go on with next chart.

This chart was cut from, which is named as the No. 1 source of oil and energy news. 
According to the above information from EIA, during the last three years, only 3 countries outside of OPEC have shown the ability to increase their oil production. And the three counties are known as the US, Canada and Brazil. Based on the two charts, once the oil production is down, the oil price will increase reasonably. Therefore it is not wise enough to focus on the seasonable price change. The far-sight view should be developed from a long term goal and penetrating analysis. 
When others are hesitating to watch the oil price, brilliant business man shall see the hidden oil demand and the potential peak in it. Your eyes and ears seems to block your way sometimes, yet you need to calm down and unfog the future with reason. For potential investors of tire or plastic pyrolysis business, opportunities only embrace those who are ready and well armed. 
Note: The writer is grateful for editor of Charts from IEA and Your efforts and talents are highly appreciated.


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