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House Garbage, Municipal Solid Waste Up, Profit Up

As the number of population is climbing increasingly, traffic is heavier and heavier, unavoidably the household garbage such as used car tires and plastics are emerging every day. The leadership of every country has been searching a method to solve this problem, without concerning the cost. Once human beings keep living and growing on the earth, the domestic waste will never stop raising.

However, the space on this planet is very limited, the growing daily waste is actually taking up people's residence and seriously damaging our living conditions. Municipal solid waste issue should not be ignored or laid aside, for it is affecting peoples life quality in a large degree. Wise governments, investors, and engineers from all over the world,?what will you do about those annoying yet potential valuable garbage? How will you react if an excellent technology has been published on the earth and solving this problem successfully?   

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd is committed to transforming household garbage into industrial fuel oil, in other words, turning waste into wealth, headache into profit. Huayin think tank began to explore refining field since 1993, through hundreds of experiments and tests, she went through failures as well as triumph. All those could not stop Huayin inventing and developing advanced core technology. What in past, is past, no matter failures or success. Creating profit and protecting humans' living conditions are the long term goal and the driving power of Huayin Group.
The core technology of Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment is green pyrolysis plant, to be more exact high temperature pyrolyzing under low or negative pressure. This creation focuses on safety, environmental protection, energy- saving and profit making. Household waste like waste plastic make, cable skin, scrap tires, rubber make, waste engine oil, and motor oil all can be fed into Huayin's machine, and turned to be fuel oil and other valuable outputs like carbon black. Huayin Group also provide available markets suggestions. Huayin has been the optimum choice of governmental projects and the personal investments?in Europe, America, Middle East, Asia and so forth. 


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