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Huayin Syngas Storage Bag of waste plastic to oil equipment

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd aims at refining waste plastic to fuel oil, tyre to furnace oil, waste oil to diesel fuel with top skills among refining field for plenty of years. Her essential technologies are tyre/plastic waste pyrolysis and waste oil(waste engine oil, motor oil, and gear oil) distillation. And it is generally known that her core features are ecology-friendly, secure, and energy-saving. 

As for the third one, the main process of waste plastic to oil pyrolysis is refining raw under high temperature and negative pressure, and cooling down fuel oil from oil gas. Naturally, a number of syngas will be produced continuously from burning, including methane, ethane, propane and butane, and all of them are inflammable yet cannot be collected under atmospheric pressure. Since they are all easy to fire, they must be very good energy source. And if extracting fuel oil from 10 tons of waste tires within one day, clients will get about 10% syngas of the total. And the 10 percent syngas weighs a lot as fuel to heat the running reactor. Normally, during the first 3-4 hours of refining, workers use coal, natural gas or wood to heat, but when the oil begins to flow in the oil outlet, collected syngas will run into the furnace through some specially designed pipe to heat the reactor. It saves a lot of energy cost for investors. 

However, sometimes more inflammable gas will be produced so that it cannot be used up for one batch refining. Throwing away is a heavy pollution, and keeping firing is a huge danger, thus Huayin Think-Tank came out with a professional large bag to collect the syngas from every batch. And it is able to contain about 50 cubic meter syngas all in all. In this way, the inflammable gas can be saved to its fullest and work for the next batches accordingly. 
Some of Huayin clients who have purchased waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plants and are running them bought the Syngas Storage Bag, saving a lot of energy. Remembering some warning details before using it, engineers and labors can operate it safely and smoothly.  


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