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Waste Plastic to Fuel Oil Pyrolysis Plant

  • Input material:Waste plastic, PP, PE, PS, ABS, MSW
  • Output products: Fuel oil, carbon black, combustible gas
  • Material of reactor: Q345R/Q245R/310S+Boiler plate/Stainless steel
  • Capacity/D: 3-10 tons
  • Certification: CE, ISO, SGS, BV
  • Reactor thickness: 14mm/16mm/18mm
  • Cooling system:Integrated condensing system
  • Machine type: Batch type
  • Land request: 300-400 square meters
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6th Generation waste tyre pyrolysis oil plant

What is pyrolysis:

Pyro = heat. Lysis = break down.
Pyrolysis is chemical reaction. This reaction involves molecular breakdown of larger molecules into smaller molecules in presence of heat. Pyrolysis is also known as thermal cracking, cracking, thermolysis, depolymerization, etc.


Plastic pyrolysis is: the process of converting waste plastic into industrial fuels like Pyrolysis Oil, Carbon Black and Hydrocarbon Gas.

Plastic pyrolysis involves subjecting plastic to high temperature of 400 to 450 degree Celsius, in absence of oxygen. In case of oxygen is present plastic will start burning. During pyrolysis plastic breaks down into smaller molecules of pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis gas and carbon black. Pyrolysis is great a way of recycling waste plastics. This plant can also used for waste tire recycling.

Specification :

Item Contents
Input raw materials Waste plastic, PP, PE, PS, ABS, MSW
End products Fuel oil, carbon black, combustible gas
Heating material Coal, charcoal, wood, fuel gas, fuel oil
Model (Diameter*Length) (mm) Reactor size Capacity
HY2200*5500 5 Ton/Batch
HY2200*7500 7 Ton/Batch
HY2600*6600 8 Ton/Batch
HY2800*6000 9 Ton/Batch
HY2800*6600 10 Ton/Batch
Reactor material Q345R/Q245R/310S+Boiler plate/Stainless steel
Thickness 14mm/16mm/18mm
Weight 15T-35T
Power Average 15KW/h
Space needed 300-400 square meters (Width:10m, Length:30m-40m)
Labor needed 3-4 workers
Density of oil 0.89g/cm3
Combustion value 44.30KJ/KG

End products:

Items Application Sales Market
45% Pyrolysis oil (tire oil/plastic oil) 1. Add it into heavy oil generator to produce electricity.  2. Used as heating material.   3. Sell it into oil refining factory to further process it. Ceramic factory, glass factory, electric power factory, steel making factory, boiler factory…etc.
30% Carbon black 1. Make it into pellet or briquette for burning.  2. Further process it into color master batch as basic material to make pipes, cable jacket…etc. Coal briquette factory, plastic factory, cable factory, etc.
10% Waste gas Recycled into fire furnace to heat reactor to save fuel material.

Oil ratio of different tire/rubber wastes:

Raw material Oil ratio
PP (microwave oven food box/yogurt bottles etc) 50%-75%
PE(plastic film /plastic wrap) 50%-75%
PS (smack-box/blister box) 50%-75%
ABS (engineering plastics) 40%
Leftovers of paper Wet 15-20%, dry 60%
House garbage 35-50%
Plastic cable 80%
Plastic bag 50%
PVC (raincoat/building materials) Not suitable
PET (water bottles/sodas beverage) Not suitable

Profit analysis:

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