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Advantages of waste plastic refining equipment


    The advantages of waste plastic refining equipment:
    1. Simple operation, using chemical methods to solve the color and odor of the product.
    2. Rotating equipment plastic refining specific catalyst formulations, allows pure waste plastic oil extraction rate of not less than 50%.
    3. Environmental protection equipment with a relatively complete, a special exhaust gas recovery and flue dust removal device.
    4. Automatic slag system, reduce labor intensity.
    5. Reasonable design, advanced manufacturing technology and high degree of automation and security facilities.
    6. The wide range of uses, use of a machine. Can be applied to the tires, waste oil, waste oil.
    Waste plastic refining equipment is obvious, not only purify the environment, and turning waste into treasure, become a new way of energy supplement and recycling. And simple structure, the heating surface, the cracking time is short, easy operation, safety and environmental protection.

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