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Goods production and tracking
Goods production and tracking

After a contract takes effect, Huayin after-sales personnel will regularly track the production progress and report to the client. So that clients can make transportation planning in advance.

After the goods are produced and inspected, based on the designated delivery date of the shipping company, our company will be responsible for the packaging and transportation of the goods to ensure that all goods are loaded without missing or mistaking anything.

Installation guide
Installation guide

Planning the site in advance and providing technical assistance according to clients' actual situations.

Before or after the goods arrive at the customer's site, dispatching corresponding professional engineers to guide the installation on site according to different plant configurations.

Note: Under the influence of various force majeure factors (natural factors, social factors, international and national regulations, etc.), we provide online video guidance services as well as relevant videos and documents.

Installation guide
Installation guide

After plant installation and commissioning, Huayin engineers will offer staff in different positions professional technical training and guidance on machine operation, equipment maintenance (replacement of consumables, etc.), and maintenance of common faults according to different types of equipment.

Customer care service

Huayin Energy regularly visits customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to call:

+86 371 55917087
Customer care service

Huayin Energy provides lifetime service.

The equipment warranty period is one year, except for wearing parts. The warranty period is calculated from the date when the customer signs the "Equipment Acceptance Report". During the warranty period, Huayin will repair or replace parts for free if the equipment is damaged under normal operating conditions.

After the warranty period, Huayin will continue to provide lifetime technical support:

1. For any problem or malfunction of the equipment, we will give priority to you through online communication such as email, telephone or video conference.

2. If the problem or malfunction still cannot be solved through the above methods, our technicians can carry out on-site debugging and maintenance of the equipment for a fee at the request of the customer.

3. The required accessories can be purchased from Huayin or a third party.

Customized service

In view of the complexity of renewable energy recovery projects and the diversity of raw materials, we can provide samples testing for free. According to different raw materials and capacity requirements, Huayin will customize technical solutions.

  • According to the local industrial base, productivity level and environmental protection requirements, we can provide plants that meet the standards of different countries and regions.

  • According to the factory site and surrounding environment, Huayin will optimize the equipment layout.

Customized service
Customized service
  • According to the voltage and hertz of different countries and regions, Huayin will customize electrical equipment such as motors and PLC.

  • According to the specific requirements of customers, we can provide sea, land, air, and rail transportation services. Different packaging services (pallets, wooden boxes, etc.) can also be provided. The equipment can be shipped in containers in Huayin factory or sent to the designated port for shipment.

In addition to waste to oil recycling equipment, Huayin also provides customized manufacturing services based on your drawings and processing.

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