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waste tyre/rubber pyrolysis machine


    Waste rubber, waste oil purification process is a combined unit of pyrolysis oil refining equipment for the core layout, waste plastic refinery equipment around the pyrolysis equipment layout in the tire decomposition cutting unit. Waste tire after pretreatment with the shortest and reasonable transport distance, supply to the feeding machine. Feeding machine at a high speed, oil refining equipment to be installed into the pyrolysis furnace raw material, feeding machine to finish the homework after moving to another pyrolysis furnace side or moved to a predetermined standby position. Raw materials are filled completely and clean up after the sealing feed door, begin to rotate and ignition heating. When the temperature of 130 DEG C after the show a small amount of light component oil mixture, when300 DEG C after a large number of reorganization of oil,400 degrees C pyrolysis. The cease-fire, cooling, slag, slag after the slag door shut. 100 DEG C slowly open the gate, a wire, and then feeding the next round of operation. ( if not with steel wire in the slag can be opened after the center feed gate feed ).
    Slag, slag machine by pulling the coal slag is presented, transported to the grinding unit is expected to fight for abrasive machining.
    Pyrolysis furnace output liquid oil by oil-water separation, transported to the heating tank, plus activated clay and other chemical heating to 80 degrees C, with uniform mixing of90~ 120minutes, stir, and then delivered to a high pressure filtering machine for solid-liquid separation, after the separation of the oil is the combined unit terminal product.

     Waste Tire Recycling Machine

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