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Waste tire recycling machine in India


    (1) To add a special catalyst in the waste oil materials in temperature catalytic cracking, waste oil and all kinds of mineral oil can reach the cracking effect;
    (2) the gas composition after the pyrolysis in a fixed bed catalytic cracking, get the oil steam;
    (3) oil steam fractionation, were collected gasoline and diesel fractions;
    (4) gasoline, diesel oil fractions were refined.
    The entire process to get rid of the impurities in the device, not only to ensure product quality, and equipment investment, the volume can be reduced, process simplification, shortening the production cycle. Get the good oil quality, high transparency, can reach the same effect as mineral water, low carbon content, is unleaded gasoline, can reach the standard of GB 93 # gasoline. High yield, the total amount of oil for more than 90% of the weight of the waste oil.
    After years of research successfully developed a waste oil reduction and waste lubricating oil refining gasoline and diesel-leading technology, completely solve the traditional waste oil cracking, black, light diesel oil viscosity, high density, easily oxidized, odor, main index falls far short of such problems, the outstanding advantages of the following: (1) the process is carried out at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, high safety factor, the proceeds of oil is light in color [yellow], low viscosity, low sulfur. (2) Variability is strong, can be the catalyst obtained in the gas, liquid oil can be sold instantly, save the two processes depend on pH, flocculation, and other cumbersome, only addition of catalyst in the liquid phase, cracking of light oil The product then refined to reduce costs.

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