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Classification of waste tire pyrolysis plant filter


    Waste tire pyrolysis plant filter structure driven filtrate flow pressure different sources can be divided into a gravity filter, pressure filter and vacuum filter three types. Now, on to the three filter under a brief introduction:
    1, gravity filter: simple structure, reliable operation, the differential pressure caused by relying on the natural gravity to push the filtrate flow, and therefore essentially no power consumption. However, due to the gravity caused by the pressure difference is very limited, so that the filtration rate is slow, and is generally used only for filtration contained in the larger particle diameter, a low viscosity liquid easily through the filter body of the filter.
    2, pressure filter: also called filter press, relying on press or pump to pressurize the material, higher operating pressure, so the filtering speed, large capacity, but the strength of the equipment and filters and filter cloth the requirement is also higher, and can be widely used for filtration of various suspensions.
    3, vacuum filter: most drum as a working member, the role of the outer surface of the drum atmospheric pressure, and internally in communication with a vacuum source. The outer surface of the drum as the filtering surface, the filtrate from the outside flow, the operating pressure differential little, but automatic continuous production can be adapted to a large amount of processing and filtration of the desired pressure differential is not high suspension.

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