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Refined oil pricing mechanism reform or will speed


    In order to enhance the ability of local cash subsidies, the central government has set aside 2012 oil price to reform the finance allowance fund 47700000000 yuan. At the same time, the central government and the relevant units allocated to all liquidation in 2011oil price reform finance allowance fund 24400000000 yuan, plus the last dialed beforehand subsidy68400000000 yuan, the central finance arranges2011 oil price to reform the finance allowance fund 92800000000 yuan, and called on all localities in the year5 by the end of subsidy funds will be honored to object subsidies.waste tire recycling machine
    Investment adviser in the energy industry researcher Ren Haoning said, the central government allocated to each district and relevant units of finished product oil price reform financial subsidy funds, is conducive to agriculture, logistics, petrochemical and other related industries to reduce the rise in oil prices caused by the loss, but also to reduce petroleum price mechanism reform impact on economic development. At the beginning of this year, Wen Jiabao inspections in Henan agriculture, have said as much as possible to reduce the rise in oil prices impact on agricultural production. The current financial funds allocated is clearly in order to deliver the promise.waste tire recycling machine
    On the stability of an overwhelming demand, the government is too afraid of resource price reform causes impact to national economy, but this led to the government in the relevant reform of timidity. In fact, including oil, power and other energy resources price reform will inevitably causes to national economy more or less, or big or small effects, if because of fear of reform may be put in the risk, will cause the current energy issues in the fields of ferment further expanded, the final cost of the reform to be bigger, but this the loss outweighs the gain.waste tire recycling machine
    The consultant research director Zhang Yanlin thinks, international oil price in the coming period will continue to search, the domestic refined oil retail price tends drop, social inflation pressure is reduced greatly, the refined oil pricing mechanism launched to create a favorable external environment, it is introduced a new refined oil pricing mechanism golden opportunity. In fact, refined oil price reform is not to change the problem, but when to change, how to change the problem.waste tire recycling machine
    Investment advisor released"2012-2016 year Chinese finished oil market investment analysis and forecast report" shows, China's dependence on foreign oil has more than 55% international oil prices, domestic prices of refined oil is more and more remarkable effect. But the current refined oil pricing mechanism causes the domestic price change could not be synchronized, and therefore brings a lot of problems. Actively promote the refined oil pricing mechanism reform in China is to promote the further development of the important step in petroleum industry.waste tire recycling machine

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