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Huayin Group Released 6th Generation Pyrolysis plant on global market

  In 2014, this year, huayin company release the latest new product 6th generation pyrolysis plant. So far, it is the most advanced pyrolysis plant in the market now. With its unprecedented superiority, it is considered to be a milestone in the history of pyrolysis equipment, its emergence thoroughly overturned the previous design and will create more wealth for clients. Longer service life, highest oil yield, zero discharge environmental friendly and high-value by-products. It is not only a major breakthrough in Huayin development history, but also a revolution in China pyrolysis plant field.

  We all know that clients are troubled by carbon black problems ever since. But this new invention skillfully solved this problem, we can supply another auxiliary equipment that process the carbon black into pellets which has high market value. Another historic breakthrough is the reactor service life, the usual life is 500 to 750 batches, but this improved machine has 3 to 5 times service life than the previous products. In addition, we opens a new way for customers, you do never need to worry about the sale of crude pyrolysis oil as they can be used for power generating directly.
  Based on the above changes, we are confident that we can create more wealth for clients. Trust us, we can do turnkey waste to wealth project for you, 3 to 5 months to recover cost, 1 year to become millionaire. Stay tuned Huayin, more surprise waiting for you...

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