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Turn waste tire to oil

In China, the manufacturers of turning waste tire to oil machine mainly come from two cities in Henan province: Xinxiang city and Shangqiu city. Foreign clients always feel confused when faced with so many supplier, it's hard for our clients to find the most suitable turn waste tire to oil machine. In fact, it's very easy, in Shangqiu, the machine are 2nd generation machine, this old design was discarded by us several years ago. In our factory in Xinxiang, the most popular machine are 5th genetation and 6th generation equipment. Let's see the difference between Shangqiu 2nd generation machine and Xinxiang 5th generation machine.

Reactor is the most important part of the whole waste tire to oil system, now we learn it from several aspects:
1. Stability: for the 2nd generation waste tire to oil machine, The roller is built on one end of the reactor thus once the reactor gets old and deformed, then the whole processing will be stuck. But, let's see our 5th generation machine, The roller is not connected with the reactor, yet built separately in one set. Therefore, even if the reactor grows older or wears out, the roller will run well, and no problem will appear. 
2. Security: The reactor of 2nd generation machine moves back and forth, thus a corrugated pipe has to be built between the reactor and the catalyst chamber to correct the whole set. In addition, the pipe is thin and easy to be broken. Once it is broken, explosion will occur. For 5th generation tire to oil plant, No corrugated pipe is designed in this generation. Thus, no explosion threat.

3. Energy and environment: About 70cm of the 2nd generation machine reactor body is outside in the air without insulating layer, so the reactor heats faster. More energy will be lost. While, the head of the 5th generation machine reactor is very well sealed, and not possible to cause fire or smoke leaking. So it protects the environment and saves energy.    
4. Energy: 2nd generation waste tire to oil machine: the fire stays short in the furnace, and causes fuel waste. 
5th generation tire to oil plant: the fire stays much longer in the furnace, and saves a lot of energy.
5. Lifespan: 2nd generation waste tire to oil machine, the main body of the reactor is welded by oval plate directly, and is easily deformed by heat. Let's move to 5th generation machine, the main body of the reactor is well welded by more advanced technology, and it is strong and not easy to be deformed. Hence, the life of the reactor is longer.
The sharp edges of the 5th generation turning waste tire to oil machine are obviously seen above. And it is also the hottest seller in Huayin Group recent years. However, the 2th pyrolysis plant reactor still exists in other companies in Shangqiu cities. Clients have to be more careful to choose quality plants when visiting different companies. Welcome all friends come to visit our factory do research and study!

(This is our 5th generation waste tire to oil machine delivered to Peru) 

This is our 6th generation waste plastic to oil machine installed in Bulgaria)


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