The Advantages of Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
  • Sep 03, 2021
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The advantages of continuous pyrolysis plant....

The Advantages of Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

(picture:The Advantages of Continuous Pyrolysis Plant)

  pyrolysis plant can be divided into batch and continuous tyre according to the processing technology. The batch pyrolysis machine is widely used, it has lower price compared with the continuous one. But the continuous pyrolysis plant has many advantages in other aspects.

  First. Energy-saving, keeping the temperature at about 400℃ continuously, without ignition heating, high-temperature pyrolysis, cooling and slagging process, and fully utilize its own combustible gas to supply energy, which greatly saves energy;

  Second. Safety, the entire production is operated in a sealed condition, which completely avoids the danger of open feeding and slag discharge;

  Third. Environmental protection, the highly sealed pyrolysis system has no leakage, the production environment is dust-free, clean and environmentally friendly;


  Fourth. Automatic. Continuous operation relies on intelligent control to make production operations accurate, stable, labor-saving and convenient.

  Fifth. The equipment has a long service life;

  Sixth. High quality. Under stable thermal cracking temperature, the pyrolysis is complete and the product quality is better.

  Seventh. High production capacity, one set of continuous pyrolysis equipment can pyrolyze 30 tons of waste plastics & tyres per day.

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