Model A Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant
  • Capacity model: 1Ton-15Ton
  • Raw materials: waste plastic
  • Output: fuel oil, carbon black, syngas

This pyrolysis plant decomposes the macromolecular polymer in waste plastic products thoroughly to return it to the state of small molecules or monomers, and produces pyrolysis oil, solid products and non-condensable combustible gas.

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Project Background

  In recent years, with the increasing global environmental protection policies and increasing environmental protection requirements, there have been increasing voices that the original transitional solutions for disposal of hazardous wastes such as landfills and incineration cannot continue to operate. Therefore, there is also a huge potential market demand for adopting new technologies, new processes and new equipment to solve the above-mentioned waste treatment. The waste plastic pyrolysis technology will also provide a good export for the harmless disposal of a large amount of plastic waste after garbage classification, which can not only save the increasingly scarce petrochemical resources but also be a good model for the operation of the circular economy.




  This set of production line decomposes the macromolecular polymer in waste plastic products thoroughly to return it to the state of small molecules or monomers, and produces pyrolysis oil, solid products and non-condensable combustible gas. It is safe, environmentally friendly and continuous. On the premise of stable operation, the recycling, harmlessness and reduction of waste plastics will be realized. Plastic pyrolysis oil can be directly used as fuel oil, as raw material for refinery or as raw material for plastic, and the solid product can be used as fuel or refined to different standards, additives for paint pigments, rubber products, etc.


Introduction of the Model A Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant


Details parts of the Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant


1.The pyrolysis reactor offers an oxygen-free and high-

temperature working condition for pyrolysis process of


2.Manufactured with good material of Q245R boiler


3.The rollers are engineered under the feeding port and oil

outlet port which is external from the heating area to

bring perfect rotating balance and long service life.

4.Safe operation.



1.Condensing process is divided into three stages. Pyrolysis gas passes through horizontal condenser pipe x1, horizontal condenser ×3 and vertical condenser x1 in sequence, to maximize the condensing effect.

2.Combustible gas (non-condensable gas) is collected by the system and routed to the heating system as a fuel supply. It saves fuel consumption meanwhile protect the environment.



1.Water film deduster provides the basic emission control effect.

2.Easy maintenance.




1.Carbon black is conveyed in a sealed condition to

achieve pollution-free.

2.The screw conveyor is combined with condenser to help cool down carbon black.

3.Easy storage and packing from screw conveyor.



1.Heating system is consuming two kinds of fuels. One is pyrolysis oil produced by pyrolysis plant, and another one is combustible gas generated from the production process, which means that the plant can run on its own fuel supplies without extra cost.

2.The heating system could be constructed above the ground or under the ground based on the customer’s requirement. Civil work drawings would be provided prior to the arrival of equipment to prepare the site for




1.Hydraulic feeder can load more feedstocks since it can compact feedstocks while feeding.

2.Less feeding time and more loading capacity than manual feeding.

3.No workers enter inside the pyrolysis reactor to ensure safe operation.

4.Short internal time to start the next production batch.


Product Mode


Model A


Overall Dimension




Total Weight


32,000 KG


Working Mode


Batch Type


Average Power


15 KW


Power Voltage




Unit Loading Volume




Average Loading Capacity


10,000 KG


Average Oil Yield




Electricity Consumption


360 Kwh/Batch


Fuel Consumption


350L Fuel Oil

Features of the Model A Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

1) Industrial batch type, different capacity from 1ton to 15ton per batch.

2) Exclusive low temperature pyrolysis technology, low consumption, enhance oil yield and quality, ensure long term, continuous and steady operation of production, and dramatically expand equipment's lifespan. 

3) Exclusive anti-cocking, thermal distribution technology, enable the material equally heated and completely pyrolyzed to achieved high quality product.

4) Perfect hot seal technology, to ensure the operation is safe and reliable.


5) Gas purification and remaining heat recycling utilization technology, purified gas can be used for heating system as combustible gas, remaining heat can be dully utilized, realized self-supply for pyrolysis reaction without extra heating source, dramatically minimize running cost.

6) Exhaust gas of production line has been tested, all emission parameters meet the requirement of the EU.

7) Support PLC system, warning, alarm and auto-correction function, and insure operation under safety conditions.

8) Low requirement for manpower, Low working intensity and clean production.




1.Fuel oil
It can directly replace fuel oil for industrial or boiler heating, such as cement plants, steel plants, glass plants, etc.;
It can be refined into diesel for diesel combustion and power plants, agricultural machinery, etc.
2. Carbon black

It can be used for industrial heating by briquetting combustion, and its combustion value is equivalent to that of coal, and can be used directly instead of coal;
Toner can be refined into different standards and used as additives for paint pigments, rubber products, etc.



 Combustible gas is routed to the heating system as a fuel supply. It saves the consumption of fuel oil.


Oil Yield Rate of Different Raw Material














Leftovers of paper

Wet 15-20%, dry 60%


House garbage



Plastic cable



Plastic bag



Submarine cable



Rubber cable







Not suitable



Not suitable


Car tires



Truck tires



Motorcycle and bicycle tires


Projects around the world

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Other Countries of the Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Project



Other Materials Can be Applied to this Plastic Pyrolysis Plant


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