Model A Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
  • Raw materials: 1Ton-15Ton
  • Capacity model: waste tyres/waste rubber
  • Output: 45% fuel oil, 30% carbon black, 10% steel wire, 10%-15% syngas

Compared with the traditional tire disposal method of incineration and landfill, Pyrolysis of waste tires has the characteristics of large processing capacity, high economic benefits and low environmental pollution.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Project Background

  With the increasingly serious environmental pollution caused by human production and life, the recycling and reuse of waste tires has received more and more attention.

  Compared with the traditional tire disposal method of incineration and landfill, Pyrolysis of waste tires has the characteristics of large processing capacity, high economic benefits and low environmental pollution. It can not only recover high value-added products, but also has high economic and environmental benefits.


  By using the Waste Tyre Pyrolysis plant,  the waste tyre, rubber, or plastic can be converted to pyrolysis oil , carbon black and steel wire which has high economic value in our daily life.

  Pyrolysis project is easy to start. You could begin in a small scale with a processing capacity of 3,600 tons per year, or any larger scale such as 7,200/14,400/21,600/28,800/36,000 tons per year and even larger. Whether you’re individual business, medium or large enterprises, municipal projects, HUAYIN always can meet your needs.

Introduction of the Model A Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant


Details parts of the Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant


1.The pyrolysis reactor offers an oxygen-free and high-

temperature working condition for pyrolysis process of


2.Manufactured with good material of Q245R boiler


3.The rollers are engineered under feeding port and oil

outlet port which are external from heating area to

bring perfect rotating balance and long service life.

4.Safe operation.



1.Condensing process is divided into three stages. Pyrolysis gas passes through horizontal condenser pipe x1,horizontal condenser ×3 and vertical condenser x1 in sequence,to maximize the condensing effect.

2.Combustible gas (non-condensable gas) is collected by the system and routed to heating system as fuel supply. It saves fuel consumption meanwhile protect the environment.



1.Water film deduster provides the basic emission control effect.

2.Easy maintenance.




1.Carbon black is conveyed in a sealed condition to

achieve pollution-free.

2.The screw conveyor is combined with condenser to help cooling down carbon black.

3.Easy storage and packing from screw conveyor.



1.Heating system is consuming two kinds of fuels. One is pyrolysis oil produced by pyrolysis plant, another one is combustible gas generated from production process, which means that the plant can run with its own

fuel supplies without extra cost.

2.The heating system could be constructed above the ground or under the ground based on customer’s requirement. Civil work drawings would be provided prior to the arrival of equipment to prepare the site for




1.Hydraulic feeder can load more feedstocks since it can compact feedstocks while feeding.

2.Less feeding time and more loading capacity than manual feeding.

3.No workers enters inside pyrolysis reactor to ensure safe operation.

4.Short internal time to start next production batch.


Product Mode


Model A


Overall Dimension




Total Weight


32,000 KG


Working Mode


Batch Type


Average Power


15 KW


Power Voltage




Unit Loading Volume




Average Loading Capacity


10,000 KG


Average Oil Yield




Electricity Consumption


360 Kwh/Batch


Fuel Consumption


350L Fuel Oil

Features of the Model A Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant


      Huayin pyrolysis plants have the following measures to ensure safety

  Automatic pressure release device: Releasing pressure automatically when pressure occurs and is higher than the set data due to improper plant operation.

  Oil water separator: 

Its water sealing design ensures that oil and gas are separated and combustible gas can not return into the reactor.

  Energy saving:

  The inner reactor body and outside insulation cover have good airtightness, avoiding heating loss and saving fuel.

  The combustible gas below C4(oil and gas that cannot be further cooled down into fuel oil under normal temperature and pressure)will be recycled to furnace for heating the reactor,maximizing resource utilization.

  The cooling water adopts circulating mode,which is pollution-free,no discharging,and recyclable.


  Service life:

  Huayin takes plant performance and clients'operating methods into full account and pays attention to product design and quality to extend the plant service life,thereby increasing clients'return on investment.


  For regions where it's difficult to find good workers or where labor costs are high,Huayin provides PLC-based automation control systems.



Step 1: Feeding (2 hours). Feed tyres into reactor manually or with auto feeder;

Step 2: Preheating (2-4hours). Tyres gradually melts under high temperature and oil gas comes out;

Step 3: Oil producing peak (8-10 hours). Oil gas goes through the cooling system and is cooled down into liquid fuel oil; some oil gas that cannot be further cooled down into liquid fuel oil under common temperature and common pressure ("syngas") will be recycled to furnace for heating, saving your fuel;

Step 4: Cooling (4 hours). After the oil processing process is completed, leave the plant for cooling.

Step 5: Carbon black discharging (1-2 hours). Use a fully-sealed carbon black discharging system to discharge carbon black.

Step 6: Offloading steel wire from the pyrolysis reactor (0.5h).

  1. Pyrolysis oil(40%)

  ① Being directly used in industrial or boiler heating (such as cement factories, steel factories, glass factories, etc.) as an alternative to fuel oil.

  ② Being refined into non-standard diesel for use in trucks, tractors, etc.

  Note: The oil directly coming out pyrolysis plants is heavy fuel oil, which can be used directly as industrial fuel. If you need to get diesel, you need to purchase separately a set of waste oil distillation equipment.

  2. Carbon black(35%)

  ① It can be pressed into pellets for use in industrial heating. Pellets are a good alternative to coal as its calorific value is equivalent to that of coal.

  ② It can be ground and refined into different standards.


     3.STEEL WIRE(15%)

     It's easy to sell to scrap metal dealers.


     Combustible gas is routed to heating system as fuel supply.It saves consumption of fuel oil.

The difference between Model A and Model C

Model A

Model C




Standard Pyrolysis Reactor


Standard Pyrolysis Reactor





Square Box Condenser

(Or Frame Structure Condenser)


Horizontal Condenser




Stainless Steel Deduster

With Internal Ceramic Filters


Water Film Deduster





U-Shape Screw Conveyor


U-Shape Screw Conveyor




Heavy Oil Burner & Gas Burner


Heavy Oil Burner & Gas Burner




Hydraulic Feeder


Hydraulic Feeder



Projects around the world

Some of Huayin Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Project in Asia



Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Project in Europe



Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Project in Africa




Other Countries of the Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Project



Other Materials Can be Applied to this Tyre Pyrolysis Plant


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At your service anytime
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