The Characteristics of Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
  • Oct 13, 2021
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The characteristics of continuous tyre pyrolysis plant....

The Characteristics of Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

(picture:The Characteristics of Continuous Pyrolysis Plant)

  As we know more about the continuous pyrolysis, we know more advantages of this kind of machine. Even it costs more than the batch tyre, it get more and more people’s interest.

  1: High efficiency. As the name implies, it is a continuous type, which can be produced continuously for 24 hours, and can process several tons to dozens of tons of raw materials per day.

  2: Environmentally friendly. Our equipment is equipped with exhaust gas treatment device, and the final discharged gas meets environmental requirements, and it can also be used as fuel. After the pyrolysis starts, the combustible gases will be generated. It will be collected and burn them in the furnace as fuel to provide heat to the equipment. So this could save more energy than the ordinary machine.

  3: Automation. Our continuous pyrolysis plant is equipped with PLC system which can be operated more intelligent and safe.

  If you want to learn more information about continuous tyre pyrolysis machine, please contact with us.

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