Orders of Pyrolysis Plant from Turkey
  • Sep 14, 2021
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The Turkey customer ordered six sets pyrolysis plants....

Orders of Pyrolysis Plant from Turkey

(picture:Orders of Pyrolysis Plant from Turkey)

  This customer sent us inquiry in July 2021, and he already had two sets pyrolysis machines from other suppliers. He wants to increase the capacity of facility now, and he wants to find a better manufacturer this time. So after the recommendation of a patron, he starts to learn about Huayin.

Orders of Pyrolysis Plant from Turkey

       He plans to order six sets pyrolysis plant, but owing to the ocean freight rising sharply these days, he placed to order two sets at first and after we got the deposit, we delivered the pyrolysis machine on 3rd September, 2021.Orders of Pyrolysis Plant from Turkey

  After our sales manager Zora talked with the customer, and told him we still have pyrolysis machine in stock and we also could help him got the shipping space. This customer ordered two sets more, and we got the deposit at 14th September.

Orders of Pyrolysis Plant from Turkey

       Because the bulk carrier is about to be once a month, and the goods could be used the same bulk carrier. The sea freight will not increase temporarily, so this could save him time and cost. The last two sets will be arranged in the next month. Because of the tight schedule of the customer, we will arrange our technical engineer to install the machine immediately.

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