Could Tyre Pyrolysis Plant be Used to Process Oil Sludge?
  • Sep 10, 2021
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Could tyre pyrolysis plant be used to process oil sludge?...

Could Tyre Pyrolysis Plant be Used to Process Oil Sludge?

(picture:Could Tyre Pyrolysis Plant be Used to Process Oil Sludge?)

  Whether processing waste tyres, plastics or oil sludge, the basic working principle of pyrolysis technology is the same. But we recommend to use different machine for different raw materials. Because it will be better if each material used in specific configuration and production technology.


  For used tyres and oil sludge, the loading process is different. Small tyres can be put into the reactor directly, and it also can be used the hydraulic feeding. The oil sludge usually used screw feeding.

  For another example, different materials are used to make the reactor according to the processed wastes. There are several kinds of materials for the furnace of waste pyrolysis plant, like Q245R, Q345R, stainless steel or chromium molybdenum steel, etc. The choice of materials for this depends on what material is processed. For example, if you use a tyre pyrolysis machine to process oil sludge, you should analyze the composition of the oil sludge and whether there are any elements that are corrosive firstly. If the materials used in tyre pyrolysis plant are not corrosion resistant, it will cause problems while processing oil sludge. In addition to the impact of the raw materials on the machine, different processed materials will also cause changes in the processing technology, such as the temperature of pyrolytic which will affect of the equipment.

  So it will be better using the specific machine to process a certain kind of raw material.

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