Precautions of Pyrolysis Project (1)
  • Nov 08, 2021
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Precautions and maintenance methods of Huayin pyrolysis plant....

Precautions of Pyrolysis Project (1)

(picture:Precautions of Pyrolysis Project (1))

  Waste tyre pyrolysis plant is the key part of oil refinery project. If a failure occurs during the operation, it will affect the recycling schedule and economic benefits of the project. So maintenance is more important than repair, and prevention is more important than repair. Therefore, it is significant to understand the precautions and maintenance methods of the pyrolysis machine during operation.

  Huayin has rich experience in equipment installation and training for workers on standardized operation during these years of customers' service. We conclude that regular inspection and maintenance of machine to ensure smooth running and also extend the life of the plant.


  Regular inspection before operation of tyre pyrolysis plant

  1. Be sure to check the condition of the motor before each operation of the machine. If the motor is overloaded or suddenly started or reversed, it will also cause damage;

  2. The safety device is very important of safe operation, and it is necessary to check whether the pressure thermometer and safety valve can work normally;

  3. Checking whether the seal is good, whether the screws are fastened before ignition, and strengthen the equipment at the same time.

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