Precautions of Pyrolysis Project (2)
  • Nov 11, 2021
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Precautions and maintenance methods of Huayin pyrolysis plant....

Precautions of Pyrolysis Project (2)

(picture:Precautions of Pyrolysis Project (2))

  Things you should know in pyrolysis plant operation

  1. The operator should know the performance of the machine, mechanical structure and operation procedures in case the equipment was damaged due to improper operation.

  2. Operators should stick to their posts, monitor the operation status of the equipment carefully, and shut down for inspection and repair if abnormal situation are found.

  3. If the tyres in the reactor are not pyrolyzed completely, it is forbidden to open the slag discharging port and the feeding port.

  4. Be sure to pay attention to the explosion-proof aluminum plate. If the aluminum plate is damaged or leaking during the pyrolysis process, the valve outside the explosion-proof device should be closed immediately, and the explosion-proof aluminum plate should be replaced in the end.

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