Introduction of Waste Pyrolysis Project
  • Mar 12, 2021
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Different types of waste tyre pyrolysis plant and the principles of this process. ...

Introduction of Waste Pyrolysis Project

(picture:Introduction of Waste Pyrolysis Project)

  Waste tyre recycling project is a beneficial business. As the development of technology, countries started to focus on reusing waste tyres in new method. Recent years, when people pay more attention on environmental protection, turning waste tyre to wealth became a popular industry. It also made a big contribution to the sustainable development of the economy.

  Today we will show you the different types of waste tyre pyrolysis plant and the principles of it.

  1:Type of pyrolysis machine

  One is batch type. This is a simple machine and it is easy to install and maintain. Because the operability of this plant is flexible, and the adaptability is strong. For a small or medium pyrolysis factory, the batch machine will be more economical. But it need more workers compared with the other type.

  The second one is environmental continuous type. It is more automatic and it has PLC control, that will lower the cost of labor. You could chose the suitable one according to your requirements.

Introduction of Waste Pyrolysis Project

  2:The principles of pyrolysis machine

  Pyrolysis is the heating of materials, such as waste tyre, plastic, oil sludge, medical waste etc. After cracking the gas components will be further catalyzed, and you could get fuel oil through this process. If you want to get higher quality oil, it can be further processed to diesel through distillation machine.

  3:Technical process flow

  Firstly, you could collect the raw material and feed it into the reactor. After this, the furnace could be heated by coal, wood, natural gas etc. After pyrolysis process, you could get fuel oil, steel wire, carbon black and flammable gas. This oil could be used as heating material in cement factory, glass factory or used in oil generator for electricity generation. The extra gas could be stored used in the next batch. It will see the energy and lower the operation cost.

  If you want to learn more about waste pyrolysis project, feel free to contact us!

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