Choosing a Pollution Free Pyrolysis Machine is Important
  • Jun 24, 2021
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How to choose a pollution free waste tires/plastics pyrolysis machine....

Choosing a Pollution Free Pyrolysis Machine is Important

(picture:Choosing a Pollution Free Pyrolysis Machine is Important)

  For the waste tires/plastics pyrolysis machine, what kind of things may cause pollution problem? As our experiences, it will related to these factors: water, slag, and emission.

  Where is the water come from? Will it cause pollution problem? If yes, how to deal with it?

  For pyrolysis machine, water usually means the cooling water which is used to cool down the oil gas. Normally we advise clients to build a water storage pool, it can store the water here and recycle to use it into the cooling system. Because this water will not touch the oil gas directly, so when it discharged from the machine, it will just have a temperature higher but no other pollution issues. Installing a cooling tower cool down the water’s temperature then can circulate to use it into the cooling system. No discharging, but circulating, so there is no pollution problem.

  What is slag and how to solve the pollution problem?

  People who engaged in the waste tires/plastics pyrolysis machine will surely know that the slag is also a by-product from the pyrolysis machine. It has another name—carbon black. The slag itself is useful, you can sell it to the market directly or further process it, then sell it. But the problem is when you discharge the carbon black from pyrolysis machine, it might cause pollution problem. Why? Because the carbon black is very light, density only 0.56, it is easy to fly to the air. So discharging the carbon black in a sealing condition is necessary, in this way can avoid the pollution problem.

Pyrolysis Machine

  Actually water and slag pollution problem is easy to solve. For the emission, it is complicated, so it need to use a high technology pollution control system.

  As we know for the pyrolysis machine adopt non-oxygen cracking technology, it means you need to put the solid waste into a chamber, use fuel to heat the chamber, melt the waste material into gas. When burning the fuel in fire furnace, it will produce smoke, for this smoke can not emit to the air directly. So we need to use a professional pollution control system to clean it, making sure it could meet your local emission standard. Of course, the emission result is also related with the fuel you burn in the furnace, like coal/wood/oil/natural gas, we all know that if burn coal the smoke is acid, it contains too much sulfur, so it is better to use natural gas. But the final result is decided by the design of the pollution control system.

  when choosing the waste tires/plastics pyrolysis machine, please pay more attention to these parts, especially their machine design. Making sure their design could help you solve these problems. The emission report from the supplier could help you a lot for the government permission applying.

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