How to Convert Pyrolysis Oil to Diesel?
  • Dec 22, 2021
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How to convert pyrolysis oil to diesel?...

How to Convert Pyrolysis Oil to Diesel?

(picture:How to Convert Pyrolysis Oil to Diesel?)

  There are special refining machine on the market for the further process of pyrolysis oil. After a series of processes such as distillation, impurities removal, condensed into oil, decolorization and deodorization, exhaust gas purification, and finally the heavy tire oil is refined into clean, bright-colored diesel. It’s a kind of non-standard diesel, it can be used in the trucks, tractors, or power generators etc.

  High temperature distillation process transfers oil to oil gas through heating. And then condensed into oil, the oil gas pass through the buffer tank, condenser and the catalytic tower successively, and are condensed into oil into the tank, and the remaining gas is the non-condensable gas. The next is color and smell removal. Through this process the impurities could be removed and clean, bright colored diesel could be obtained. Finally, exhaust gas and flue gas are purified. The non-condensable oil gas in the condensing system is purified by a water seal and used as heating material for the distillation reactor; while the flue gas in the reactor will enter the gas purification system and can be discharged after purification and meeting the national environmental standard.

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