Does Tyre Pyrolysis Project Pollute the Environment?
  • Jan 12, 2022
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Does tyre pyrolysis project pollute the environment?...

Does Tyre Pyrolysis Project Pollute the Environment?

(picture:Does Tyre Pyrolysis Project Pollute the Environment?)

  If you have this doubt, you may stuck in the stereotype of the old way of pyrolysis. In fact, it depends on whether the environmental protection measures of the pyrolysis machine are in place. Now the tyre pyrolysis technology have strict industry specifications. For the three wastes generated from the tyre pyrolysis project, there are special purification system for processing. The pyrolysis process is environmentally friendly and no secondary pollution occurs.


  The specific treatments of the "three wastes" of waste gas, waste liquid and waste solids during the pyrolysis process of waste tyres:

  1. Waste gas: The production of exhaust gas mainly comes from the flue gas produced during high-temperature cracking and the exhaust gas produced during the pyrolysis process. Regarding the gas emissions, Huayin has different dedusting systems and could meet different emission standards of various countries. The process is environmentally friendly and clean.

  2. Waste water: In the entire production line of waste tyre pyrolysis, both cooling water and dust removal water use circulating water to ensure zero discharge of waste water during the production process. There is zero contact between water and oil, and water only plays a role of cooling in the pyrolysis process, so there is basically no waste water produced in this process.

  3: Waste solids: The waste solids produced in the pyrolysis process are mainly carbon black. Carbon black has a high utilization value and can be made into briquettes used as heating material or used as an additive for rubber products. In order to avoid dust when collecting carbon black, our machine was equipped with clean transport system, which can make the carbon black discharge in a fully enclosed state, so there is no pollution produced.

  Huayin focus on waste recycling business since 1993, if you have any interest in pyrolysis business, please leave your contact information!

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