The Relationship between Rubber and Oil
  • Mar 16, 2022
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Wh waste tires can be refined to oil?...

The Relationship between Rubber and Oil

(picture:The Relationship between Rubber and Oil)

  First of all, we need to know the composition of the tire. According to the analysis of the tire composition, its main components are roughly 50% of rubber, 25% of carbon black, 15% of steel wire, and 10% of auxiliary materials such as zinc sulfide and sulfur additives. The main component of tires is rubber, and rubber is divided into artificial and natural. Artificial rubber is actually a petroleum product, which means that the rubber in tires is processed from petroleum.

tyre pyrolysis process

  This is a polymerization reaction of petroleum, in which small hydrocarbon molecules are polymerized into macromolecular chains. Then waste tire oil refining is to heat the rubber, and the rubber undergoes a cracking reaction, breaking the macromolecular bonds and turning it into liquid oil. However, the pyrolysis oil is a heavy oil, neither diesel nor gasoline. It is usually used as fuel, such as some cement plants and glass plants.

  Thermal pyrolysis of waste tires refers to the breaking of polymers with unsaturated bonds in the main chain of rubber under anaerobic or anoxic conditions and appropriate temperature in the waste tire refining equipment, and the products are mainly monomers, dimers. It is a process in which the products are repolymerized into various olefins, thereby removing volatile substances and forming solid carbon. The products are mainly fuel oil, pyrolysis gas, carbon black, and steel wire.

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