How to Improve the Oil Yield?
  • Mar 30, 2022
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Factors could affect the oil yield of pyrolysis project....

How to Improve the Oil Yield?

(picture:How to Improve the Oil Yield?)

  1. Raw material selection
  The oil yield of waste tyre is closely related to the degree of wear and rubber content. Usually waste tyres with higher rubber content and lighter wear have higher oil yield. The oil yield of waste plastic is related to the type and purity. The oil yield of pure waste plastic is higher than that with more impurities. For example, the oil yield of pure PE plastic is about 95%, and the oil yield of pure PP plastic is about 90%.

  2: Condensed system design
  The oil gas produced from the pyrolysis equipment is mainly cooled by condensed system to produce pyrolysis oil, so the design of the condensed system is very important. Increasing the cooling area of the pyrolysis equipment so that the oil gas can be cooled down completely and the oil yield could be improved. Huayin has different cooling systems for your choice.

  3: Operation of workers
  The operation of workers is also an aspect that affects the oil yield of pyrolsysis equipment. The unskilled workers and the irregular operation will affect the oil yield, so the technical operators should be trained and mastered the standardization of operations.

  4. Equipment maintenance
  For the old pyrolysis machine, it is necessary to replace the accessories in time to make it work normally. For the new pyrolysis machine, it is necessary to do test running and debugging after installation. Proper operation and maintenance in accordance with safe operating procedures, so that the performance of machine can fully displayed, thereby improving the oil yield of the pyrolysis equipment.

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