How Much is Small Pyrolysis Machine?
  • Mar 24, 2022
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How much is small pyrolysis machine?...

How Much is Small Pyrolysis Machine?

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  Small pyrolysis plant usually used for trail or demonstration, the price is ranging from thousands to tens of thousands dollars. There are many factors will affect the price of pyrolysis machine, like capacity, detailed configuration, manufacturer qualification, equipment material, etc. But the only rule you should follow is to find a reliable supplier and tell them about your requirements.

small pyrolysis machine

  The capacity: it refers to the amount of raw material could be processed per batch. Normally the bigger capacity pyrolysis machine has higher efficiency and also higher price. Huayin provides customized small pyrolysis machine like Model M-10KG, Model M750, 1 Ton.

  The configuration: the quotation of small tyre pyrolysis equipment will fluctuate with the different specifications and configurations of the machine. Both the environmental protection devices and the safety devices are provided with different visions to be chosen.

  Manufacturer qualification: owing to the production costs (manpower, material resources, technology, etc) and the kind of manufacturer (direct selling manufacturers or agency manufacturers), the machine sources, equipment quality, etc., the price gap between the given equipment will be relatively large.


  Huayin focus on pyrolysis technology for 29 years, we have own R&D team and technical engineer team. The quality of machine is proven and after-sales service are guaranteed.

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