What's the Benefits of Plastic Waste Recycling?
  • Apr 07, 2022
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What's the benefits of plastic waste recycling?...

What's the Benefits of Plastic Waste Recycling?

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  From industrial production to normal life, plastic products are everywhere, and they are increasing every year. It already accounts for a large part of urban solid waste. Therefore it is necessary to recycle and reuse waste plastics to make full use of them.

  Waste plastic recycling can not only save resources and alleviate the contradiction between the supply and demand of plastic raw materials, at the same time, it can also save occupied land, increase the utilization rate of land resources, and make important contributions to environmental protection. So this will be a road of reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization for the disposal of waste plastic products, which is of great significance.

huayin pyrolysis

  Waste plastic recycling has broad prospects, and plastic waste to oil pyrolysis is a green and profitable way. This is a thermal cracking technology which could convert plastic wastes to fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas. The oil can be used as heating material and carbon black can be sold directly or used as additives in rubber products and pigments. The outputs from plastic pyrolysis process are valuable and the whole process is environmentally friendly. Huayin provide different deducting systems for meet the different emission standards.

  We provide business assistance, engineering design and customized solution, contact us if you want to join plastic pyrolysis business!

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