New Pyrolysis Product Model F750
  • Apr 24, 2022
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Introduction of Huayin new product Model F750....

New Pyrolysis Product Model F750

(picture:New Pyrolysis Product Model F750)

  Model F750 pyrolysis plant is a newly launched product in Feb 2022, which can process 750kg of feedstocks each production batch.

  What makes Model F750 unique?

  1. It’s installation-free. All the parts are pre-assembled in a frame structure while delivered. No extra cost to pay for installation! No extra time to wait for installation! It can start running with water and electricity supplied and a few pipelines connected. The installation is never easier.

  2. It’s container size design. The overall dimension is built exactly according to the maximum size of a 40’HQ container. Therefore only one 40’HQ container is loaded. The transportation and shipment are never easier.

  3. F750 is very friendly to start-up. It adopts the same technology and design as the larger scale equipment. Meanwhile it’s in a small size with less cost. It works perfectly as a demonstration plant. No matter whether you want to show the process to authorities or investors, or simply test it for yourself, it’s a perfect choice.

  Model F750 pyrolysis plant, Start small, Achieve big.

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