Advice of Establishing Waste Pyrolysis Factory
  • Apr 22, 2022
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Making sure that your tyre & plastic pyrolysis business takes the regular route is the long term solution....

Advice of Establishing Waste Pyrolysis Factory

(picture:Advice of Establishing Waste Pyrolysis Factory)

  1: Plant site selection and construction. Regular waste tyre pyrolysis factory should comply with the overall urban planning and land use planning. It cannot be build in residential areas, ecological protection areas, tourist scenic areas, etc. It will be better to build factory in the industrial area; and hardening measures should be taken of the land to avoid soil and water pollution caused by leakage.

  2: Selection of pyrolysis machine. It recommended to purchase waste tyre & plastic pyrolysis plant produced by professional manufacturers with project experience. The environmental protection measures of waste pyrolysis equipment is also a top priority. Huayin has almost 30 years experience in pyrolysis project and has sold to 80 countries.

  3: Licenses applying. It is necessary applying licenses for pyrolysis project. After the approval of the relevant departments and the legalized operation rights can we start to prepare other related matters and put them into production. We will help you about this based on the requests of your country.

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