F750 Small Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine
  • Capacity model: 750kg
  • Raw materials: Waste Tyre/rubber
  • Output: 45% fuel oil, 30% carbon black, 10% steel wire, 10%-15% syngas

Model F750 belongs to Model F series product line, which is a small scale model of pyrolysis plant. It can process 750kg of used tyres per batch and takes 8 hours in total.

Pyrolysis Project Background

   With the rapid economic development of various countries, there is a large amount of man-made garbage all over the world, such as waste electrical parts, plastic garbage, tires, etc., found in rivers and seas. Among them, the pollution problem of plastics and tires has become increasingly prominent. Plastic products such as packaging bags, agricultural mulch, disposable tableware, and daily plastics are discarded as solid waste after use. They are difficult to degrade and pollute the ecological environment and landscape due to random littering. Therefore, waste tires and plastics have always been recognized as environmental problems in the world. It is causing serious. "white pollution" and "black pollution" to the earth, bringing great challenges to the protection of the environment.


  Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research of waste tires and plastic pyrolysis technology from the beginning of its establishment. Pyrolysis occurs in the reactor at a high temperature of 550-700 and decomposes into pyrolysis oil, which is used as fuel in ceramic factories, glass factories, power plants, steel factories, boiler factories, etc. to realize the recycling of waste resources.

F750 Small Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine Introduction

  Model F750 belongs to Model F series product line, which is a small scale model of pyrolysis plant. It can process 750kg of used tyres per batch and takes 8 hours in total.

Model F750 adopts the same technology and design as the large scale plant, just in a smaller size. It’s formed by pyrolysis reactor, condensing system, heating system, offloading system and emission control system.


F750 Parameters

Product Model


Model F750






Production Mode


Batch Type


Overall Dimension


L11.75 x W2.2 x H2.55 (m)


Total Weight


15 tons


Internal Dimension of



Diameter 1.2m, Length 3m


Loading Volume




Loading Capacity




Power Voltage

Total Power




Features of the F750 Small Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine


Model F750 adopts all-in-one design. All the parts are pre-assembled within a frame structure. When you receive it, just put it in position and connect water and electricity supplies, then it can start working. No need to worry about installation anymore.


The main parts are pyrolysis reactor, heating system, de-duster, condenser pipe, square box condenser, oil tanks, oil-gas separator, oil-gas purification device, and syngas collector. All parts are in one frame structure. The all-in-one structure makes installation, transportation, operation and maintenance so easy.



The overall dimension of Model F750 is L11.75 x W2.2 x H2.55 (m), which can just fit in 40HC container. It makes transportation and shipment much easier.


Model F750 is not only for daily production, it’s perfect for working as a demonstration plant to authorities and investors. You can do all the tests with Model M750 before moving to large scale of production.

PROCESS of the Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant


  • Load raw material of used tires into pyrolysis reactor manually. Then close the feeding port of reactor after it’s fully loaded.

30 minutes

  • Start heating system and keep heating. Pyrolysis process turns used tires into gas state and solid state under high temperature and oxygen-free conditions. The gas goes to condensing system and becomes liquid fuel after condensation. The oil producing procedure lasts until all the tires are decomposed.

5 hours

  • Cooling down of equipment.

2 hours

  • Offload carbon black from reactor by built-in offloading design.

50 minutes

  • Offload steel wires from reactor 10 minutes

8 hours

  1. Pyrolysis oil(40%)

  ① Being directly used in industrial or boiler heating (such as cement factories, steel factories, glass factories, etc.) as an alternative to fuel oil.

  ② Being refined into non-standard diesel for use in trucks, tractors, etc.


  1. Carbon black(35%)

  ① It can be pressed into pellets for use in industrial heating. Pellets are a good alternative to coal as its calorific value is equivalent to that of coal.

  ② It can be ground and refined into different standards.

  1. STEEL WIRE(15%)

 It's easy to sell to scrap metal dealers.


Combustible gas is routed to the heating system as a fuel supply. It saves the consumption of fuel oil.


Cases of our Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Worldwide

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Other Countries of the Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Project



Other Materials Can be Applied to this Tyre Pyrolysis Plant


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